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“I feel I could play that for the next hour or so, but the I’d lose my job, she sounds brilliant her name is Sujatha Menon, she's the lead singer of Satsangi”.  Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network



Regularly played on the BBC, Satsangi have performed live radio sessions, and are Featured Artists on The Bobby Friction Show, BBC Asian Network.


“They sound like libertines adrift on the backwaters of Kerala……….....nice” Bobby Friction


"Hi Su, listened to 'Iodine' again and I must say it's really wicked. Your track reminds me a bit of Sonic Youth, but with definitely better singing and a tough sax break that reminds me of X-Ray Specs. The whole thing sounds nervy, dislocated and very tense, just the way I like it!"  Steve Chandra Savale, Asian Dub Foundation

Satsangi have always resisted giving a label, a tag, to their music, because that might imply restriction where possibilities should remain open. Their direct influences are clearly apparent, the sound they make is a natural extension of who they are and their cultural backgrounds. Indie rock, with punk psychedelia, bumping into Hindu Sanskrit vibes trapped a huge echo dome with reverb laptops, sort of describes it. Maybe not……..but the story goes on!!

Satsangi’s videos on BBC Screens in city centres throughout the UK



2023 Satsangi sign with Mr Babu  who scheduled re-release of the bands back catalogue

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