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APE club nights are promoted by Johnny Satsangi to support a regional live music culture. A culture that is diverse, genre neutral, independent.


CULTURE starts with people creating something that others connect with, it enriches life to give a moment of respite from the shite!


The Primitives, Mara Falls, Roddy Radiation, Jackdaw With Crowbar, Satsangi, China Shop Bull, The Big Sugars, The Pips, Johnny Kowalski and The Sexy Weirdos, Grassroutes, Dissident Noise factory, Dark Sparks, Shanade, The Hungry Ghosts, Batsch, The Swaps, Stone Bear, The Ellipsis, Stylusboy, Clemency, Audio Tribe, MNMLST, Cap'n Crom, Dr Trippy,  Autumn Party, Laserbun, Electric Spivs, Katie Raven, Screech Bats, Crokodile Tears, Electrik Custard, General Theory of Dub, Blind Faith, Tallawah Sound, Skeptics, Dark Houdini, The Broken Rebels, The Cult of Free Love



Empire, Coventry / Leamington Assembly, Zephyr Lounge

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© 2019 by Satsangi

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