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Vinyl LP

1 You Saw Something - 7.33

2 The More I Need You - 6.10

3 Who Do You Love - 5.16

4 Hallelujah - 5.10

5 Like The Rain - 3.15

6 Horses - 4.59

7 Leave Me Mine - 6.23

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After returning from a tour to Africa late 2016, Satsangi began recording at Woodbine Street Recording Studio with John Rivers. The aim was to keep it real, with live performance essential to the recording process and to capture the bands character, personality and energy.

The tracks that made the cut, demonstrate the breadth of the influences melding together a sound that is best/has been described as “world influenced pysch-rock-n-roll’, made after a night spent on the lash in a Kasbah, breaking up a long haul flight to India.”


Rolling Stone Magazine​

"A wicked bass line, timely sax breaks, and pace-setting rhythm guitar sections. Richard Heath needs special mention for his swivelling spin of a solo on sax. This is a find!" 

​​Bobby Friction, BBC Asian Network

“I feel I could play that for the next hour or so, but the I’d lose my job, she sounds brilliant her name is Sujatha Menon, she's the lead singer of Satsangi.”  

Songs written by Satsangi
Recorded by John Rivers at Woodbine Street Recording Studio 
Produced by John Rivers and Satsangi 
Assisted by Eddy Hewitt 
Cover artwork by Hazza Bee 
Blood Count Records


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